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Ranch House Plans

Ranch house plans are ideal for homebuyers who prefer the “laid-back” kind of living. Most ranch-style homes have only one level, eliminating the need for climbing up and down the stairs. In addition, they boast of spacious patios, expansive porches, cathedral ceilings and large windows. They tend to have casual and relaxed layouts with an open kitchen. All of these features make ranch houses suitable for homeowners looking for floor plans that offer more space and allow for greater mobility.

3294 Plans

1360 Heated SqFt
64'0 W x 40'0 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
1689 Heated SqFt
61'0" W x 47'6" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
2847 Heated SqFt
65'0" W x 48'4" D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 3.5
1280 Heated SqFt
40'0" W x 44'0" D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
1000 Heated SqFt
52'0" W x 30'0" D
Bed: 1 - Bath: 2
3732 Heated SqFt
70'0" W x 36'0" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
2468 Heated SqFt
71'8" W x 50'10" D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
1402 Heated SqFt
54'0 W x 50'8 D
Bed: 0 - Bath: 3
3704 Heated SqFt
102'0 W x 95'0 D
Bed: 4 - Bath: 4.5
2456 Heated SqFt
87'0" W x 76'0" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2.5
1481 Heated SqFt
30'0 W x 70'0 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
1040 Heated SqFt
40'0" W x 32'0" D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
1483 Heated SqFt
30'0 W x 70'0 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
2943 Heated SqFt
49'0" W x 45'0" D
Bed: 5 - Bath: 3
2600 Heated SqFt
72'4" W x 62'4" D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 3.5
1109 Heated SqFt
44'0 W x 31'0 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 1
2237 Heated SqFt
88'0" W x 52'0" D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 3
1200 Heated SqFt
71'8 W x 48'10 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2
1619 Heated SqFt
45'0 W x 62'0 D
Bed: 3 - Bath: 2
976 Heated SqFt
34'0 W x 46'0 D
Bed: 2 - Bath: 2

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Find the Right Ranch House Plan

If you’re searching for the perfect ranch-style house with an open floor plan, look no further than Family Home Plans. We have an exciting collection of more than 2,900 ranch-style house plans in a searchable database.

Our home plans are simple yet elegant, and they come in different footprints, including square, rectangular, U-shaped and L-shaped. Fill out our search form to view a comprehensive list of all of our ranch-style house plans.

Perks of Having a Ranch House Plan

Here are the top benefits of having a ranch house plan:

  • Very accessible: Ranch house plans are designed to be spacious, making them easily accessible. They consist of wide porches and expansive entrances that are welcoming.
  • Great for aging individuals: The fact that ranch-style plans are intended for one-story homes makes them ideal for the elderly and people with mobility issues. There are no stairs to contend with given that all rooms are on the same level.
  • Comparatively affordable: Ranch homes plans are not only easier to construct, but they’re also relatively affordable thanks to the simplicity of this architectural style.
  • Open floor plan: Many ranch-style homes have an open floor plan that will allow you to make the necessary changes and modifications to suit your design specifications.
  • Lower maintenance: Ranch houses are easier to clean and maintain given that the owner only has to worry about one floor.

Why Family Home Plans?

Here’s why you should choose Family Home Plans for your next home:

  • Saved time and money: If you've ever procured the services of an architect, you probably know how long it takes to create a simple house plan. Drawing and designing a ranch house plan from scratch can take months. Moreover, it can cost you $10,000 or more, depending on the specifications. Family Home Plans strives to reduce the wait by offering affordable builder-ready plans.
  • Price match guarantee: Our rates are some of the lowest in the industry. If you happen to find a similar plan selling at a lower price on a competitor’s site, we'll offer to beat that price by five percent of the total cost.
  • Customizable plans: We offer our clients the chance to modify our plans to suit their preferences. You can add or remove any features or even alter the dimensions to meet your specific design requirements.

Find the Perfect Ranch House Plan Here

Living in a ranch-style house brings with it a feeling of calmness and tranquility, even in an urban setting. Moreover, you'll get to enjoy a larger living space and easier access to the great outdoors.

To find the right ranch house plan for your project, be sure to check out our search service and purchase your plan today. You're sure to find a plan that fits your liking.